Soothe your soul at Natura Cabana


At Natura Cabana we offer a variety of services for your wellness. Let Attabeyra Spa guide through a transformative journey with healing treatments infused with love and care. Indulge in a session at our seaside Yoga Temple, offering diverse classes such as pilates and mindful fitness to fully unwind. Take advantage of our outdoor pool and jungle gym, or wander allong the Buddha Path to our organic garden.

Wellness at Natura Cabana


Attabeyra Spa derives its name from the Water Goddess of Creation, revered by the indigenous island people. This reverence is reflected in our healing practices, which promote inner balance and harmony, as well as in the spa’s natural architectural design. Nestled seamlessly into its lush surroundings, Attabeyra Spa provides a serene ambiance. Our techniques, set against Cabarete’s tropical backdrop and stunning beach, deliver an extraordinary beachside experience. This is why we gladly offer outdoor and beach massages upon request.

If you seek a unique gift for a loved one, consider our gift certificates, which can be tailored to include a specific treatment or credits to experience an unforgettable treatment of their choice.

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Benefits of our homemade sugar wax include its suitability for sensitive skin, less painful, prevention of ingrown hairs, exfoliation by removing dead skin cells, no risk of skin burns, water solubility, requirement of only 2mm of hair for effective removal, gradual thinning of hair over time, and regular use effectively eliminates ingrown hairs and dark spots.

Everyday: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Attabeyra Spa at Natura Cabana


Experience the luxurious touch of a massage, the tranquility of a soothing facial, or the revitalizing effects of our signature body wraps and scrubs, all designed to melt away stress and renew your mind, body, and soul. Our spa menu goes beyond the ordinary, delving into the unexpected and exotic. Whether you prefer individual services or bundled packages for extended moments of relaxation, we have you covered. Explore our unique treatments inspired by the five elements of life!



Benefit from a refreshing dip in our hotel’s outdoor pool, embraced by the beauty of nature. Relax under shaded spots whenever you need a break from the sun.

Wellness at Natura Cabana


At Natura Cabana, we cherish meditation and yoga’s benefits, welcoming guests and visitors to practice in our beautiful temple overlooking the sea. Incorporating yoga into your routine enhances strength, flexibility, balance, and body awareness, fostering a healthier lifestyle alongside meditation, which enhances performance, respiratory health, and concentration. 

Choose from our diverse yoga classes to find the perfect fit for your needs, whether it’s a relaxing session or a more energetic ashtanga class. All classes are led by certified yoga instructors, each adding their unique “magical touch.” Additionally, we provide seasonal fitness classes. 

Temple Schedule


Per Class

600 RD – Residents

15 USD – Visitors

40 USD – Private Class

Monthly Package

4.000 RD – 8 classes

5.400 RD – 12 classes

Our sessions are open to everyone, not just hotel guests. You can also follow us on Instagram to get the latest class information!

10:00am - 4:00PM
Fitness at natura cabana


Our outdoor jungle gym pays homage to Ya-Ya, the revered Taino spirit representing life and creation. It stands as a testament to Natura Cabana’s dedication to fitness and nature, allowing you to admire the beauty of the surrounding beach and trees while you work out. Crafted by us, the equipment incorporates natural elements, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and connection with the environment.

Experience a functional workout that transports you to the Stone Age. Use weights, benches, pull-up bars, and battle ropes to break a sweat on the beach, with sand beneath your feet and the refreshing sea breeze in your hair.

Personal trainer services are available upon request for an additional fee.

Using the gym and any equipment is at your own risk. We recommend that children be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Buddha Path to our Organic Garden


Guests are invited to explore our Buddha Path, guiding them directly to our organic garden. Along the path, you’ll discover several natural seating areas ideal for meditation and enjoying the picturesque scenery of our garden. Keep an eye out for various critters, from hummingbirds to crickets and lizards, as the Buddha Path buzzes with nature’s wonders.


At Natura Cabana, we prioritize offering top-quality organic products to both our clients and employees. Our garden is cultivated without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Instead, we rely on 100% natural solutions like neem oil to fortify plants and repel insects. Maintaining our orchard requires love, dedication, knowledge, and patience, and we’re proud of its growth and diversity.

Our garden boasts banana and almond trees, a variety of greens and herbs, tomatoes, pumpkins, and various fruits and vegetables. Additionally, we cultivate beautiful edible flowers used to adorn your meals. Furthermore, our fish pond serves as an aquaponics herb garden, while our worm garden nourishes the plants.


We use ingredients sourced from our organic garden to craft the meals served at both of our restaurants. For a truly authentic experience, if you order a mojito, we’ll even invite you to handpick your own mint.

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