An Iconic Boutique Hotel Since 1998


The seaside haven of warmth, tranquility and restoration

Welcome to Natura Cabana


Once upon a time, a young Chilean couple and their four daughters visited the Dominican Republic and instantly fell in love with the beach town of Cabarete. In 1997, they made the bold decision to call it home, much to the surprise of their families back in Viña del Mar, Chile. Despite having no job or plan waiting for them, they courageously—some say naively—decided to take a leap of faith. They purchased raw beachfront land and transformed it into what is now Natura Cabana Boutique Hotel & Spa, an ecological paradise.


The concept of Natura Cabana evolved naturally from the couple’s individual passions: he, an innate architect, and she, a devotee of homeopathic medicine. In staying faithful to Cabarete’s tropical ambiance, they repurposed felled trees for bungalow construction and utilized palm fronds for thatched roofs. Reflecting their eclectic taste, each bungalow was adorned with shells, corals, and concealed drawings on the stucco walls, offering an ideal sanctuary for special occasions or simply to unwind and disconnect.


We felt immense pride in what we had crafted, eagerly inviting friends and family to share in our creation. Captivated by the charm of Cabarete, they found it difficult to depart from our seaside haven. Over time, one guesthouse expanded to two, then three additional cabanas. Guests became curious about the rumored secret cabanas by the beach. Before we knew it, word had spread about our “adventurous family’s brilliant idea,” and our residence blossomed into an ecolodge. Our secluded oasis in the tropics, where we chose to raise our children, ultimately transformed into Natura Cabana Boutique Hotel & Spa.