NaturaCabana - Cabarete - Dominican Republic


Natura - History

Natura Cabana was, in 1997, the residence of a young Chilean family with four daughters. Whenever friends and family came to visit, they didn't want to leave and would even offer to pay to stay just a little bit longer. So, one day, the original "guest house" was transformed into two, then three, and little by little, the guests began to arrive through word of mouth. Eventually, people all around the world learned about this brilliant idea of an adventurous family. Even their own family house has been included in the project.

Everything comes from a perfect pair, he, the natural-born architect, and she, the specialist in natural medicine, both defenders and lovers of the environment. They designed every inch with their exquisite taste, putting the tiniest details in the walls, floors, and even in the small pathways.


Today, their daughters are becoming part of the legacy as well.